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how to score more than 9 goals in Yooyuball

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how to do it?

simple .. just use photoshop :p

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Dr.sloth’s hand behind the altador cup

So, i finally decided to send something i wrote to the neopian times ,i’m a decent writer but in arabic but i tried and i really liked what i wrote i wrote and sent .. to recieve this reply at my neomail:

Dear mohammad elnakib,

Your Neopian Times submission (Dr.sloth and the Altador cup) was rejected because your submission was found to have significant punctuation errors or would require too much reformatting. We suggest asking someone else to look over your submission to make sure you are using proper punctuation, such as commas, periods, and quotation marks. Please separate each character’s spoken words into a new paragraph.

Yours Sincerely,
The Neopets Team

and the subject was ” Your Neopian Times submission ” , i though they published it .. then i read it 😦 , any way maybe it wasn’t good enough for them , but at least it is good enough for me 😀 so i’m publishing it here ..

by the way if someone would want to help by pointing out the mistakes I’d be really grateful..

Suspicions have arisen lately around the annual Altador cup and that Dr. Sloth has something to do with what’s happening , Rumors like “Dr.sloth is trying to turn as all to mutants again” ,” Dr.sloth designed the new neopets site layout” and even “Dr.sloth is trying to convince everyone that there is a jelly world !” are very popular amongst neopians these days along with the rumors surrounding the second version of the altador Yooyu ball cup .

In the beginning Team Kreludor’s fans-all 9 of them- were shocked to not find the name of their team in the list of the participating teams this year, after a lot of rumors and questioning all we could find is a statement by Derlyn Fonnet, the Left Defender of the Kreludor Yooyuball team, on behalf of Team Kreludor which includes the reason for not competing : ” his is due to a malfunction with our training centre’s gravity control that went unnoticed” and also this part : “It is not known, however, whether the incident was a case of simple mechanical failure or the result of sabotage by disgruntled factions here on Kreludor.” ,a statement that instead of dispelling all the rumors it actually made them grow larger and gave them some credibility !

After that statement many analyses from all around neopia refered to a Dr.sloth being a part of what happened on Kreludor and connecting it to his appearence to answer the question in the Editorial of the neopian times issue no.293 just a week before the start of the Altador cup.

We had to go to kreludor to see for ourselves what’s happening ,On kreludor everyone is so upset for not entering the games this year,Entering cafe kreludor we find a group of angry orange grundos talking about it ,”of course it was sabotaged, they were afraid that we would win it this year after training so hard ..” said one of the grundos when we asked about whether they think it was sabotaged or not,some even said that Krawk island has something to do with it, “i mean they didn’t lose a single match in any of the 3 games” said another grundo,when we went to Altador and tried to get a comment on that rumor from the Krawk island team all we got was :”GRRR *&%$#” (at least that is what we heard while we were trying to escape their goal keeper Garven Hale after the comment ,Back to Kreludor’s cafe when we mentioned Dr.sloth they all agreed that he might have something to do with it .Dr sloth’s name is appearing everywhere !

Back to the altador cup, the introduction of 3 new Yooyus to the cup this year -which are the normal, Darigan and Clockwork – have arisen much more suspicions around Dr.sloth specially the frustrating Darigan Yooyu which really gave the players a hard time in the field , with comments like ” as if it wasn’t enough for them to win the last war ?! ” from the captain of meridell’s team Sir Pollonaire Freidl .

But what points so hard to Dr.sloth’s hands behind what’s happening is the Clockwork Yooyu , a robotic Yooyu that explodes ! , ” who could come up with such an idea except Dr.sloth?!” was a comment very popular amongst the fans during the games along with the rumor that the Clockwind Yooyus were made in Dr.sloth’s space station , we tried to get to know some of the players’ opinions about it and we had this from the Haunted wood’s centre defender Autrey Fulse : ” i mean i’m already a ghost ,what do they expect to happen by putting an exploding Yooyu in there ?! ” .

moving away from the screaming techo super fan (who has quite a loud voice) and trying to get some slushies at the slushie concession stand we over heard a couple of fans talking about the strange incident that happened on kreludor and how no one noticed , or did they notice and ignore , and of course they didn’t forget to mention how Dr.sloth might be involved specially after his strange appearence in the editorial a week before the cup started.

With Dr.sloth’s name popping out so much in the last few days we had to go to the Virtupets space station , wandering around there we find ourselves entering grundos -the famous intergalactic restaurant- we find that the rumors have spread here as well , and they all have Dr.sloth mentioned. some even go as far as saying that the whole cup is just a front for the search for the fittest and the strongest in order to clone them and creating a new army for Dr.sloth.
With so much rumors about the cup we had to hear what the Altador Cup Committee had to say about this .

” no comment ” was their comment on the rumors spreading , and they said something about conspiracy theory chia fans causing all the noise, asking them about how the cup is going they said : ” Only a few petitions regarding biased Darigan Yooyus were submitted from meridell’s team , rather than that everything is going as planned .”

despite the committee’s assurance that every thing is going as planned -whose plan exactly?- we couldn’t just ignore all the rumors going on around neopia and just relax , what if Dr.sloth was really behind this?

To answer this question we went to the defenders of neopia headquarters , After a little chat with Judge hog we found out that he already knew about the rumors , “these rumors are spreading all over neopia ,Even though there is no evidence of Dr.sloth being behind what happened on Kreludor but we are investigating it ,and these are only rumors , every one should have fun and enjoy, and rest assured that if Dr.sloth decides to do anything, The defenders of neopia won’t let him do it .” that was judge hog’s official statement to the neopian times about these rumors.

After judge hog’s statement and with nothing to prove all the rumors , i think we should just have fun and relax knowing that the defenders of neopia are out there to protect us , even though most neopians have a strong feeling that this year’s altador cup won’t be a normal one .

so what do you think about it?

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Hello neopeteers !

So , you are reading this you must’ve at least heard about neopets didn’t you?

so this is the first post just saying hi to all of you out there , hope you’re enjoying this year’s altador cup and hope you picked HAUNTED WOODS like i did 😉

Go haunted woods

this is one thing that you can’t exorcise 😉